The best AmmoCounter on the market, just got better!

This kit was created for serious players that need to keep track of their ammo on and off the field. Perfect for semi auto and full auto use in any environment with accurate ammo counts. This  counter will give you advantage you've been looking for!.

Rechargable Battery

Fully equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. The counter will ship with a USB converter. Charge using any 5V power source, up to 8 hours of use before charging.

Fully Customizable

This intuitive design allows you to change the position the face in any direction. Available in Picatinny or Nerf compatible mounts and in 8 different LED colors.

SMART Technology

Produced with state of the art technology that is programmed to most clip sizes and counts up or down. The counter will auto-reset when ammo is depleted.

Advanced Options

Easily reprogram any clip size and save into memory. The advanced menu allows you to toggle auto-reset, adjust brightness and set low count indicators.

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