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Click here -> Nerf Dart Counter

  • Plug and Play dart counter that connects to your blasters Nerf or Picatinny rail.  
  • Works with Nerf Rapidstrike, Stryfe, Modulus, Rayven, Demolisher, HyperFire (w/ 3D connector), Longshot, Longstrike, Retaliator or any other blaster that has a barrel adapter and tactical rail. 
  • Rechargeable battery can last for 8 hours of continuous play. 
  • Adjustable face mounts an any position on your blaster. 
  • Includes 6, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 25, 35 clip sizes, count up option and reset button.  
  • Features: Rechargeable 3.7 Lithium Battery Coiled Cable Connector (Extends to 3 ft) AmmoCounter V3 Kit 3D Printed Custom Scope [Black] 3D Printed Muzzle Brake [Black, Orange] USB Converter for charging On/Off switch, Dart Capacity Toggle & Reset Button